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Rope Access

What do you do when you need to inspect or repair something in an inaccessible location which you can only reach by scaffolding or a (very
large) cherry picker? Or even worse, you cannot reach it with that equipment at all? Industrial rope access is the solution!

Industrial rope access technicians are able to reach difficult locations by
using rope access climbing techniques and equipment. Our company is an IRATA member and works according to their strict operational and safety guidelines.

Rope access locations are everywhere; refineries, chemical factories, steel furnaces, yards, storage tanks, power plants, buildings, bridges, offshore platforms, drilling rigs and wind turbines.

In effect, the rope access method is only used to get to the location where
the work is carried out. Every rope access specialist can carry out
maintenance, inspection and repairs, or any combinations of these three
activities. For the specialists, the ropes are simply a way of "getting up" to
"get down to business".

All our rope access technicians are at least competent IRATA level 1 and
have the relevant certificates. They will always work under supervision of a
level 3 rope access supervisor to ensure a safe and efficient performance.

Due to our large personnel pool we can always provide you the
most appropriate technical discipline and the right team for your scope.    






IRATA (International Rope Access Trading Association) was created in response to a specific need: inspection and maintenance of offshore platforms.

In the following years IRATA provided solutions to the work-at-height and confined access sectors on- and offshore.

Today, IRATA teams can be seen at work on the world's great iconic buildings, your local city centre and industrial complex and windmills; it is also
widely used in the natural environment such as cliffs and rock formations and
has greatly expanded its work portfolio offshore.

For further details you can read the IRATA brochure.

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